Success story: Nicaragua

SIASAR has been very useful for planning, statistics, management, decision making for investment, elaboration of assistance strategies and technical and social support of the country's water and sanitation sector.

At the national level, Elaboration of sectorial strategies:

· National Water Resources Plan (PNRH) 2016-2017
· A & SR - 2017 strategic sector framework
· Integral of Water Systems Sanitation and Hygiene - Rural (PISASH-R) 2017.

At the institutional level
· As a basis for the lifting of the quality of drinking water, facilitating the identification of rural systems for the creation of a logical route in conjunction with ENACAL.
· Semi-annual reports to diagnose the state of the A & SR sector in terms of sustainability, coverage, demand, water quality, gender indicators.

At the local level (municipal)
· Diagnosis of the A & SR sector at the municipalities, communities, service providers (CAPS) and technical assistance (UMAS) level.
· Elaboration of municipal plans for the targeting of resources and strategies for service providers (CAPS) and technical assistance (UMAS) in the A & SR sector.