Costa Rica



San José


51.100 km²


5.001.000 inhab.

Population density

95 inhab/km²


Presidential Republic




Colon Costarricense


0,763 (2013)

Rural Data

Rural Popullation

2.050.410 inhab.

Nº rural communities


Costa Rica, officially called Republic of Costa Rica, is a multiethnic and multicultural country located in Central America. It shares borders in the north with Nicaragua, and in the southeast with Panama. The country has 5,000,696 inhabitants according to the last population census. Costa Rica has a total area of 51,100 km², with coasts giving onto the Caribbean Sea on the east, and the Pacific Ocean on the west. It has maritime borders with Panama, Colombia, Nicaragua and Ecuador (across Coco Island). Its capital city, which is also its political and economic center, is San Jose and the country’s official language is Spanish. Costa Rica is one of the most consolidated democracies in the Americas. It gained worldwide recognition when it abolished its army on 1 December 1948, a decision which was then perpetuated in the 1949 Political Constitution.

With great effort, we have contributed to developing the systems, service sustainability, health and progress of the country’s communities.
Deputy Manager’s Office of Community Systems

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